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Explore a full range of clean fragrances in your Discovery Set

Able to perfume and hydrate at the same time, both long-lasting, clean and alcohol-free, like a true gesture of beauty aware of the environment. Considering its special formula, Hermetica Paris perfumes are more hydrating than others, and when applied on the skin, they merge with it, following its curves, dancing with it. Like an olfactive dance.

Rose essence • Amber • Oud

VERTICALOUD, vibrant and vertigo

A fragrance that strikes like thunder. This mystical scent uses precious materials: Rose essence and Oud. The note of this last dark resinous wood originates from the Middle East and is revisited with sophistication. This fragrance also contains an Amber note, giving it an extra dose of amazement.

Peony • Rose essence • Musk

PEONYPOP, sweet and radiant

A bouquet of pink flowers: Peony and Rose essence are highlighted by the sweet and enveloping presence of Musk, while the Raspberry note reveals a gourmand twist on one's skin.

Lily of the valley • Ginger • Iris concrete

JADE888, precious soft gem

It evokes images of dense foliage and tangled vines, prolific and untamed like the undergrowth of the Amazon. The key notes in this soft and verdant scent are Iris concrete, Ginger and Lily of the Valley.

Vanilla • Amber • Opoponax resin

AMBERBEE, honey sweet rush

A rich and luxurious fragrance, delicately enveloped with an Opoponax resin. This multi-faceted perfume is brightened by Bergamot essence and warmed by Vanilla and Amber notes.

Saffron • Rose essence • Oud essence

DARKOUD, through the spicy light

A sheer spicy fragrance made luxurious and entrancing thanks to its rich embroidery of Oud essence. Rose essence brings a luminosity and freshness to this hypnotic, addictive elixir that complements the warming undertones of Saffron.

Bergamot essence • Woody musk • Amber

SOURCE¹, opening elixir

Forming the very core of the Hermetica brand and the Prima Accord, it is both the base of all the Hermetica fragrances as well as a standalone fragrance in its own right. As an enhancer, the luminous scent of Bergamot essence is blended with Amber and Woody Musk to bring a modern warmth and verticality to the skin.

Pink Grapefruit essence • Rhubarb • Jasmine

POMELOFLOW, pink citrus

A vibrant composition that likes to take its time and make the vitamin miracle of citrus last. For this, Pink Pomelo essence meets a Rhubarb note with a tangy, fruity character, which further enhances its citrus facets, and languishes in contact with an Egyptian Jasmine absolute. A fragrance with a sparkling fullness that delights.

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