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Hermetica Paris was launched in 2018 thanks to the conviction of Clara and John Molloy, willing to initiate a new way to experience and create perfumes. As close as possible to the skin, like an olfactive dance, combining the best of nature and science with a break through formula. Fragrances able to perfume and hydrate at the same time, both long-lasting, clean and alcohol-free, like a true gesture of beauty aware of the environment.

Fragrance and skin are close friends. Considering its special formula, Hermetica Paris perfumes are more hydrating than others, and when applied on the skin, they merge with it, following its curves, dancing with it. Like an olfactive dance allowing you to feel better. Giving a feeling of freedom so pleasant and satisfying to your body.


Hermetica Paris

Niche French perfumes

Hermetica Paris is Parisian at heart, born in the city of Light to make the art of the perfumery shine. With elegance and simplicity. Honesty and vibe. Passion and motion. 

Dance as an inspiration

Like a sensory experience, a new alchemy, a free gesture, fragrance becomes a dance. Both intimately linked by their ability to evoke deep emotions, tell a story, and express personality.

Ingredients are our stars

Coming from the beauty of nature and the magic of science, all ingredients are sublimated to create unique fragrances. Each of them is revealed first in the name given to each perfume. 

Skin perfumes is our uniqueness

Being as close as possible to the skin, offering the emotion of a fragrance with the softness of a hydrating formula. It comes true thanks to a patented alcohol-free base, sesame of every composition.


The secret is contained in a new generation of green molecules, produced according to a patented process from bagasse - sugarcane stalk residue from which the juice has been extracted - obtained in an ethical and responsible manner. It offers a greater sensorial quality to the formula, acting as a co-emulsifier and solvent. The skin is light, nourished, and smooth at the same time. For a velvety scented effect.


Time for a change

Clara and John Molloy initiate a new way to experience and make perfumes, with one keyword: care. Caring about the skin and the environment. After months of development with a composition house, a formula, both innovative and sustainable, was about to come. They already had a name for this brand: Hermetica, tribute to the Hermetica books, seminal texts from Antiquity.


The source of creation

Hermetica Paris was born and initiated with Source¹, the first perfume. It serves as the foundation for the other fragrances and can also be worn on its own. Hermetica Paris perfumes combine the best of nature and science, leading to fragrances able to perfume and hydrate at the same time, both long-lasting, clean, skincare based and alcohol-free. In August, the department store Harvey Nichols in London welcomed the first Hermetica Paris point of sale. In October, it was Bloomingdale’s NYC.


We are nature

Hermetica’s ecoconviction is deeply rooted. From the use of responsible ingredients to the bottle made of recycled glass, its concern goes beyond: acting to preserve nature and ourselves. A partnership with French NGO Planète Urgence was launched that year, helping reforestation. Meanwhile, another growing moment for the brand: a corner in the department store Globus, Geneva and in Le Printemps, Paris.


The art of feeling

Everything was in place to reveal the full potential of Hermetica Paris: natural, in movement, respectful. A complete Art of feeling, which climax was the invitation made to a professional dancer to collaborate with the brand, to further enhance the reality and liveliness of the idea of a fragrant dance. This Art of feeling, like the Art of living, will be the way to guide every perfume lover in a more global and sensorial adventure.


Motion is key

Always alert, creative, full of energy, while maintaining its core identity, Hermetica Paris has improved its image with a rounder, more organic logo, 100% recyclable paper packaging and a softer bottle... A new aesthetic and design, more colorful and dynamic as well. Change and commitment are definitely part of the dance.

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